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Presentation Tips for using Powerpoint Graphics

Graphics, pictures, photos and images can reinforce the information you are presenting. With a little help from these tips you can create an awesome presentation.

jigsaw puzzle - powerpoint graphics

Using graphics to enhance a presentation

  1. Keep it relevant
  2. Get the balance right
  3. First impressions last
  4. Enhance complex data
  5. Keep it legible
3D globe - powerpoint graphics

Special effects with images - The Powerpoint WOW

  1. Cast a fading shadow
  2. Text filled with background image but lighter
  3. Soft edge show through
  4. Embossed text on an image
  5. Pictures inside text
  6. 3D graphics
  7. Rounded corners
  8. Solid color to transparent gradient
  9. 3D plaque over an image
which direction - powerpoint graphics

Animating powerpoint pictures

  1. Keep the animations simple
  2. Be consistent
  3. Be different
  4. Make a quick entrance and a clean exit
  5. Grids not bullets
positive graph - powerpoint graphics

Quick enhancements with powerpoint pictures

  1. Borders in powerpoint
  2. Adding soft shadows behind graphics
  3. Graduated fill color underneath pictures
  4. Picture in Picture

Want more powerpoint graphics tricks ?

  1. Quick Beveled Boxes in powerpoint

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