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powerpoint graphics

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Action settings

An action can be applied to any object (such as text or a shape) in powerpoint. The action can be set to do something...such as Jump to a particular slide, or play a sound.


The appearance of an object moving. Powerpoint has many built in animations such as, Fly-In or Wipe. see our powerpoint animation guide

Apply design

The apply design feature of powerpoint allows you to change the look of your presentation from pre-defined templates.


A pre defined shape for drawing objects. Typical shapes can be circles, hexagons, arrows, flowchart symbols, etc.


A video clip. AVI stands for Audio Video Interleave.


A copy of a file. Taken at regular intervals helps to avoid a total loss of your important work.

Bitmap graphic

A bitmap picture is made up of dots (pixels). The more dots, the better the quality (resolution). A bitmap will scale down in size OK. A bitmap will not scale up and retain the quality. Typical types of bitmap files are jpg gif bmp png tif psd. Read more about bitmap and vector graphics


The process of revealing information a point at a time. Used extensively with bullet points to aid the presenter and audience to follow the presentation.

Bullet Points

A list of items on a slide. To aid the presenter in presenting information. A bullet point in powerpoint can be set to reveal the bullet points, line by line, to help the audience follow the presentation. A common fonts used for bullet points is wingdings. at gun point from the crime pictures


Compact Disc - Read Only Memory. A shiny disc that can hold vast amounts (650mb) of information/data. Plenty of space to fit your powerpoint files on. cd rom drive graphic from the technology pictures


The place where information that has been either "cut" or "copied" to the clipboard, for later "pasting" back from the clipboard.


If you do not select or change the setting then the default will be used. For example, if the default is the red color. And you draw a rectangle, then the rectangle will be red in color.


To retrieve files/information from a computer linked by the Internet.


Digital Versatile Disc. A shiny disc that can hold even more information (4.5mb +) than a CD-ROM DVD player from the entertainment pictures


The process of amending / updating information.


Short for Frequently Asked Questions. A compiled list of answers to the most commonly asked questions. Visit the powerpoint FAQ

Floppy Disc

A removable storage disc. Can only hold small amounts (1.45mb) of information. Unlikely to fit most powerpoint presentations on. floppy disk graphic from the disk pictures

Font / Typeface

The design of each letter of the alphabet, plus numbers and extra characters. Common examples are Times New Roman, Arial. Visit upper and lower case newspaper


A graphic image. A GIF image can contain many frames to give the appearance of animation (only powerpoint 2000 or above can play animated GIFs). GIF stands for Graphic Interchange Format


Something that physically connects to your computer, such as a mouse or printer.


Hyper Text Markup Language. The language used to create web pages for theInternett. PowerPoint has an in-built "Save As HTML" function.


The orientation of a slide. Landscape slides are wider than they are taller. Landscape slide


A video clip. MPEG1 is probably the most compatible video clip for playback in powerpoint.


A presentation that combines all the elements of pictures, video, audio and interactivity.


Most Valuable Professional. Microsofts accreditation to volunteers who know there stuff. What's an MVP?


A place to ask questions on a particular subject. Hopefully people will answer your question. The powerpoint newsgroup is at: https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/msoffice/forum/msoffice_powerpoint Just copy and paste the whole line into your Internet browser and your newsreader will find the newsgroup.

Notes page

The notes pages provide a place to type in your speaker notes. The page is divided into two. The top half displays a small slide, while the bottom half is the area where you can type your notes.


A suite of applications made by Microsoft. A typical office set of applications are:
  • Microsoft Word (Word Processor)
  • Microsoft Excel (Spreadsheet)
  • Microsoft Outlook (Email)
  • Microsoft PowerPoint (Presentations)
  • Microsoft Access (Database)

Pack and Go

Neatly packages up all your presentation and linked files into two files. pngsetup.exe and pres0.ppz. The Pack and Go wizard will take you through, picking the files to pack, choosing where to put the files, including any linked files, and finally whether to include the powerpoint viewer.


Portable Document Format. Created by the software Acrobat, made by Adobe Systems for the common distribution of documents that retain their look and layout. Find out more about Acrobat


The orientation of a slide. Portrait slides are taller than they are wider. Portrait slide


A software product made by Microsoft. Used for designing presentations. Output can be to 35mm slides, overhead transparencies, handouts, on-screen or projected presentations. Greatly enhances the process of assembling information in a presentable form.

PowerPoint Viewer

A piece of software that allows users without microsoft powerpoint to view a presentation. Download the viewer here

PowerPoint Mobile App

A powerpoint app to run on your smartphone. PowerPoint App for smartphones


Three letter extension for a powerpoint show. Designed to run automatically when opened.


Three letter extension for powerpoint presentation.


A device that attaches to your computer to project your presentations onto a large screen.

Q documents

Knowledge Base (KB) Articles the microsoft.com website. An example

Replace fonts

The replace fonts feature allows you to quickly replace the fonts used in your presentation. You can quickly replace "Times new roman" to "Arial" for example.


A single screen of information. Left over from the days of 35mm slides. Each page in powerpoint is commonly called "a slide

Slide Master

The slide master can be thought of as a layout that contains "how you want the presentation to look". Often the slide master contains the layout, choice of fonts, color, background image and logo. It can also be thought of as the template settings.

Slide Sorter

Allows you view all your slides in miniature. Great for changing the running order of your slides.


A program / application that runs on your computer. PowerPoint is a piece of software


Super Video Graphics Adapter - A screen resolution of 800x600 pixels


Super Extended Graphics Adapter - A screen resolution of 1280x1024 pixels.


A starting point for a presentation. Contains a preset layout, consisting of colors, fonts, logos, graphics. Helps a presentation maintain a consistent look. Find out more about awesome templates


A area on the screen that contains quick links to certain actions. Such as "Print" the current presentation. PowerPoint allows you to create your own custom toolbars. This can greatly speed up the presentation creation process.


To send files/information from your computer to another computer over the Internet.


Ultra Extended Graphics Adapter - A screen resolution of 1600 x 1200 pixels.


Visual Basic for Applications. A programming language that is used by Microsoft Office applications. It can be used to create little programs that allow you do specific tasks, that the original program could not do.

Vector graphic

A vector graphic is made up of a series of instructions. Such as draw a line from A to B. Draw a circle of X radius from B. A vector graphic can be scaled to any size and still retain it's quality. Typical types of vector files are wmf eps cgm ai Read more about bitmap and vector graphics


Video Graphics Adapter - A screen resolution of 640x480 pixels.


Extended Graphics Adapter - A screen resolution of 1024x768 pixels. The same resolution our powerpoint pictures are supplied in.
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